LAST UPDATED: 2022-01-04

Please find below our COVID-19 protocols in place for the Summer AND March Camp:



  • Max 15-18 campers in the entire camp

  • Parents will always be asked to maintain a 2 meter distance when signing their child in and out

  • All parents are required to sign a pre-screening document regarding the campers symptoms

  • Every employee will have their temperature taken every morning before they are granted permission to enter the premises. A record will be kept of the temperature recordings.

  • All counsellors will be required to wear masks all day long

  • No masks required for campers



  • HAND WASHING: To be done when entering and leaving the building, before and after all meals and in the cases of coughing or sneezing. Hygiene posters will be placed throughout the building

  • DISTANCING: Minimum 1meter distance between all kids and 2 meter distance between kids and staff, markings on the floors and tables, eliminating close contact activities.

  • LIMITING SUPPLIES: To reduce the risk of spreading we are avoiding activities where children have to share materials, if any materials are shared, they are disinfected and washed between each use. There will be a large supply of cleaning products and disinfectant at the camp at all times.

  • Dancers will have designated areas to dance in, as our floors are taped to respect social distancing.

  • Campers will have designated areas to sit at the tables – they are also marked to respect social distancing during snacks/lunch and arts and crafts.

  • Whenever possible windows and doors will be open to increase ventilation and outdoor activities will be favored to reduce the risk of contamination and spread.

  • The studio floors & surfaces & well as all common spaces (lobby, locker room and washrooms) will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day and thoroughly at the end of each day.



  • Please arrive ON TIME to pick up your child

  • We will only allow 2 parents at a time in the entrance

  • We will make sure your child is ready to avoid long wait times for parents

  • Once your child has been brought to their parents, they will be asked to leave and not loiter in the lobby freeing up space for the next parent

  • SUGGESTED: to wash hands again when you get back home and put the worn clothing in the wash immediately


***There will be no lost and found at camp this year. To prevent loss, names should be written on all personal items. Any items found without a name on them will be discarded at the end of the week.