We ARE still open and will be remaining open until we are forced to shut down due to government health and safety guidelines.

At the moment, classes are still on track to begin the week of

Monday October 12th.


Please find below our COVID-19 protocols in place for the Fall/Winter classes:




  • Please do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your class time

  • Everyone MUST enter through the main LOBBY entrance and sanitize your hands upon entering

  • We will be asking you if you have any COVID like symptoms upon entering (both the parent/guardian & child). All teachers & staff members will have their temperature taken before entering the building. Anyone with a fever will unfortunately not be allowed to enter.

  • DROP OFF IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED, however if you wish to wait in the lobby for your child you MUST wear a mask indoors at all times. We will not be allowing additional siblings or family members in the building during class times.  We are trying to limit the amount of people in our building at once to respect the government guidelines.

  • Individuals who are staying in the lobby during their child's class must keep a 2 meter distance from any other individuals (seating is limited)

  • Students should bring MINIMAL items to class. All of your items must fit in a small bag that can be closed and will be kept with them in the studio. 

  • The locker room will be open for outerwear only, however we will only allow 1 PERSON AT A TIME. This will be monitored by a staff member.

  • Students/Parents must wash their hands for 20 seconds minimum after using the washrooms (1 person at a time of course)

  • Dancers will have designated areas to dance in, as our floors are taped to respect social distancing.

  • The studio floors & surfaces will be disinfected after each class. This is why we have added 15 minutes in between all classes. Washrooms and all common area will be disinfected at the end of every day. 

  • PICK UP: Please arrive ON TIME to pick up your child to respect the government building capacity guidelines. 

  • All students will be asked to sanitize their hands before leaving the studio. 

  • SUGGESTED: to wash hands again when you get back home and put the "danced in" clothing in the wash immediately

  • As of July 18th, wearing a mask is now MANDATORY for individuals 12 years old and over when in an indoor public space. It is required in all common areas: lobby, toilets and locker room

  • The mask may be REMOVED once you are IN the studio and for the full duration of your class. All students may participate in the dance class without a mask, but must have it in the studio in case they need to use the washroom, go to the locker room or enter the lobby to leave.

  • If there are any forced closures due to COVID-19, all classes will be continuing online through Zoom.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you and stay safe!