Pro-Am Bboy/ Bgirl Battle 4vs4


We just want to say how grateful we am for such an amazing day! Big shout out to all the Bboys and bgirls that participated in The return of fantastic 4 this Saturday!
A huge thank you to all the judges, DJs, sponsors: (Sara Eirew Photographer, Marcela Giovanna Lira & Universal B-boy League),
special thanks to Erickson Rock Athis and Tricky Troublez for a historic exhibition battle, all the incredible volunteers and coaches who devoted their time to make this event what it was and of course everyone that came out to helped bring this idea back to reality.


Illmatic styles created the fantastic 4 concept in 2002 to bring new people together in a fun and engaging way and all I can say is mission 


Look forward to seeing you all back next year!😎

Congratulations to all the MVB's and Pro-Am winners!


-1st place: Simon Virasith, Vify Vibz, Zachary van Gils, T-bone Lozano.


-2nd place: Myles McGee, Ting, Ange-Léonce Ndolimana-Mugabo, Bboy Hugo (French Connection)


-Most valuable breaker: Hugo Pattes de Velours.




-1st place: Fabio, Kian, A-skillz, Andrew Bienes Ea


-2nd place: Skips, Brit-Bot, Tristan, AdFunk.


-Most valuable breaker: B-girl G-Dazzle